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_on Framework Radio #592

✹ Framework Radio has kindly featured an introduction recording made by ◐ mode analogue in october 2016 in one of its recent editions. it has been recorded on the cambodian island KOH RONG SAMLOEUM at the end of the rainy season on a beautiful stretch of coast being called the Sunset Beach. during this time the weather was still […]

_on Framework Radio #577

✹ the recent field recording of a cambodian bat colony made by ◐ MODE ANALOGUE has been kindly featured in a regular edition on Framework Radio. as outlined in a previous post on here, this track has been recorded on top of phnom krom at the southern end of siem reap on the 24th of november 2016 at a […]

_on Framework Radio #569

✹ ladies and gentlemen. hold your breath, a recent introduction recording made by ◐ MODE ANALOGUE has been featured in a regular edition on Framework Radio. this recording has been made in the early hours of 30 September 2016 amidst this very peculiar “dawn chorus” which happens to occur in my neighbourhood every day. however, this particular […]

_on Framework Radio #445

✹ ladies and gentlemen, a sound-art piece by ¶RADIO HUMMINGBIRD has been featured in a superb radio mix on Framework Radio, created by berlin based architect, writer and sound artist D. L. Lutz. this “framework:afield” edition has first been broadcast on 01.12.2013 and is volume #445 of this ongoing weekly series. you can listen to […]